I was walking down memory lane on my way
To my blissful home from a pleasant place
That brings peace after a lengthy day
Of handwork, working under the sun's hard gaze. 

The night was dark to see and chilly, 
For the sun has set while none was looking
And the plants by the wayside were asleep, 
Blissfully enjoying the night's lullaby. 

My ears were engrossed in country music
That unties the knots of worry in my mind
And gives me reason to believe in life, 
Aye! the music was balmy, sweeter still. 

I was suddenly faced by a hulking man in black,
Hooded and dangerous in the gloomy dark
While I was scared and choked with fright
That threatens my resolve and life. 

I prayed for the heavenly father to forgive
All my sins and welcome me into the light 
Of heaven, for I saw doom in my sight,
Cackling darkly at me from darkness deep. 

My prayer was not needed at the time, 
For the man was asking for direction. 
To a humble home not far from our position, 
And I was the lucky fellow to pass by. 

I ran home with all the strength my body could give,
Running as if death itself chases me. 
My legs, a blur on the soft muddy earth, 
That threatens to be my death. 

© Okunola Peace