Life is a place that is crafted by our lessons and experiences. What is life without the love and laughter? What is life without the pain and loss? Life is beautiful in all its shades. Life builds, shapes and groom us.

The busy and rigorous schedule was all I knew and experienced until my 7th day on camp. The day I was almost decamped for sleeping off in the hostel while parade exercise was going on the camp ground.

The camp commandant was among the soldiers that discovered my presence in the hostel. My Identification Cards were seized and I was told to carry one of my luggage on my head. Then with the luggage on my head, we proceeded to the camp ground.

I was escorted to the camp ground by an entourage of soldiers. I felt heady! Chuckles! It would have been perfect if I was being escorted to an event.

We arrived at the camp ground, and in full view of other corp members. He announced my serious offense of sleeping off at the hostel, and how I was going to be decamped for it.

The camp commandant then told one of the soldiers that escorted me from hostel to take me to the Admin Block where I was going to be addressed by the officials on camp. A meeting was ongoing when we arrived there, so I was allowed to sit on the floor at the Admin block. What a humbling moment! 

I had an interesting conversation with the infantry soldier that was my escort. He talked about his impression of corp members and the rich perspectives we all have of ourselves! I listened with my full attention. He also talked about how our exercise is nothing compared to what soldiers go through in their one year of training. We discussed for close to two hours, and it was refreshing for me hearing a man who serve his country with such passion and commitment.

The meeting ended, and the officials came out to hear my offense. I was then told I will face the Camp Court and the result of the meeting will determine my stay or dishonorable exit from camp. I left in the company of my OBS team leaders and after my discussion with them, I knew the situation will be resolved.

And lo, it was… I was not later called for the camp court. I even later became one the favorite corper of the camp commandant.

What am I trying to say?

Make a decision today to taste and enjoy life! Savor the flavor of each day. Take some time each evening to ponder the day’s events, especially the little special things that happened. Things you are supposed to be grateful for. Every moment of our lives is a testimony.

So, let today be the beginning of a purposeful day in your life. Meditate on the things that brought you joy, and you can have the satisfaction of enjoying them all over again. I look back at the past, and I’m grateful for some lessons learnt. I look back and all I can do is to think, laugh or smile.

In God’s Love,

Peace Okunola.


  1. some times, we get so busy living life that we actually don't settle down to pay attention to the little fragments of memories and events that make this life worth living.
    this is a wonderful bittersweet experience I must say.

  2. Beautifully written...great lessons too!

  3. An interesting piece. Well written. I could literally picture the entire scene. Yet I didn't see it ending this way. Yeah, it was some seasonal lessons.