It was time to change my wallet. The wallet looked old and tattered. It had borne the burden of carrying my most important credentials. 

I had grown used to the feel of the wallet in my hand and its comforting shape in my pocket. But change is inevitable, and with great understanding, I began to transfer my IDs, ATMs, and valuable credentials to the new wallet. Nestled among them is one faded photo of my mum.

It brought back fond memories of the past. I remember the joys of my early upbringing. Even now, I can trace the path of my life from the time when I started walking to when I learnt to plant crops and vegetables behind my parent’s house. It has been a process. 

I guess that is how love is patterned. Love is meant to stay with us forever, forever building and reminding us of what truly matters. 

Love is not meant to fade after a moment. It is meant to stay with us for eternity, lighting our paths towards all things good.

When I look at that faded photo of my mother, I am not seeing the static state of her hair or dress, but that moment of hers that reflects her impact and influence.

In God’s love,

Peace Okunola.