The first time I met her, it was in the early hour of the morning. I was in the southern part of the country, for an important program. 

This is an engagement I will be going through once in my academic year. Her hair was in a ponytail. She radiated a loving-mindedness that rippled to touch us all. She was one of the officials who assisted us with registrations. 

The program included physical body-building sessions that lasted for almost a month, and at the time of the program finale, we were tired to the bones. She played and encouraged us all, she laughed, gave, shared, and loved us all in her way.

In no time, she became a part of my life. She was always ready to have a heart-to-heart discussion. She loved cultures, especially that of the southern part of Nigeria, even though she wasn’t a native of the South. She also loved dancing and reading.

She also encouraged my writings about life, love, spirit, and God. She was fascinated by the pictures I took with my phone of nature and its inhabitants, but she is also camera-shy. I only have one picture of her and me, and I took it when she was distracted.

I walked through the drizzling rain the other day to where she was once staying. She had to relocate to be close to her parents. I looked back and all I remember is the love she shared unconditionally.

The cost of living keeps going up, but at least the cost of loving has stayed the same. The funny thing about the cost of loving is that it doesn’t cost us anything at all. The cost of loving has already been paid for us by Jesus. You would think that after years of sharing and spending your love on family, friends, and strangers, your love bank will run low.

But love doesn’t work that way. The love of God is endless, overflowing without end. His love doesn’t diminish, and thankfully, the more we share, the more there’s more to give.

The most priceless gift on earth is free. Love is free and a choice. Fill your days with love and your days will keep shining brighter and brighter.

In God’s love,

Peace Okunola.


  1. Filling my days with Love

    1. Yes! Keep filling your days with love.

  2. Amazing.
    Nice to learn that you had a nice experience.
    Come back for more..😊😊😊