Doves are beautiful birds with large wings and strong muscles, they have a great ability to fly and perform maneuvers. The word dove has German origin which translates into doves having a tendency to dive.

There are two spectacular facts about a dove that amazes me right now; firstly, the fact that a dove does not have a gallbladder, an organ that secretes bile, and secondly, the fact that it only sees in one direction.

The absence of gallbladder means the absence of bile. Isn’t it amazing? It means there is no form of bitterness in a dove.

You are human, so am I, and we all react to circumstances and situations differently. We face circumstances that changes us, but it is how we deal with the aftermath that matters.

It is natural to be bitter, because when we are hurt, bitterness is the natural result of it, but let us not be ignorant, bitterness leads to irresponsibility, selfishness and self-centeredness. I have been with people who live their lives holding grudges, grudges of over ten, twenty to fifty years, some people hold them closely to their hearts like precious treasures, allowing it to fester and mar the beauty that was once in their heart.

When we are bitter, we blame others for our dilemma. When we are bitter, we deprive ourselves of the love of God.

So, what is the antidote for bitterness? Focus.

We need to focus on forgiveness. We need to focus our gaze on God. We need to focus on love, joy and peace. We need to focus on thanksgiving.

You might not know what is coming next, and if you will come out victorious, learn to focus on the goodness of the moment, you are alive! You can read this! That alone is a testimony.

Sometimes, what I do is to let my mind fly. I just close my eyes and imagine my Happily Ever After! I laugh alone and enjoy the moment. You’re surprised, aren’t you?

Yes! Focus on being grateful, and being positive.

But Peace, it is hard sometimes, of course it is hard, that is why you need to focus! Play your favorite song, stand up and dance, twirl in the air, and let those emotions flow, and if you need to cry, please do! There is no shame in it.

But please, be like a dove, harbor no bitterness and focus on what is divinely right.

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.