You are a human being, so am I, right? Laughs! Of course. It is because you are a human being with emotions and feelings that your pleasant eyes is reading this beautiful piece right now.

We live in a world of beauty and because of this, we all desire the beauty of life, we all desire the blessings and ease that comes with living a life of comfort, wealth and grandeur. We all want to enjoy the radiant light that showers upon us daily. I want to enjoy life, what about you?

I was at a sport field one beautiful day, I joined the press of bodies and found somewhere to sit that I may watch the match and cheer the players. And do you know that there is an energy that comes with being on the winning side? Yes! There is. You are surrounded by the thrill of watching your team winning and the opposing side losing.

It was so that day until the once bright sky suddenly turned cloudy and before we could fully understand what is going on, the sky opened up her deep well and poured down her blessing upon us, thankfully, we were not drenched because of the canopies over our seat, but the same couldn’t be said for the athletes playing on the field. Do you know what happened when the rain started falling? The table turned, and the wining team changed.

Ever being a victim of the weather on rainy days? If so, you are not alone.

Transition is an aspect of life we need to always be ready for. Transition from a sunny and shiny sky to a humid and cloudy sky shouldn’t catch us unaware. Those who are caught unaware by their transitions in life are unprepared for the challenges life throws at them. They are not ready for the flexibility that comes with a change in transition.

The winning table turned in the match because the losing team was ready for the transition when the atmosphere changed. Are you ready for the season you are in right now? If you are not, it is because you didn’t prepare for it. 

Life will not give us time to prepare for battle so we must prepare before the day of battle comes. We must prepare by understanding who we are living for and what our goals are. We must live from a place of understanding and conviction. 

And because you are making decisions based on understanding and conviction, most times, you will have to go out into the rain. You will have to go into that field of life that is totally different from your place of comfort. You will have to go out when the world says No!

But as much as it is good to face opposition, you must apply wisdom to it. You must face situations of life with the wisdom of God. You must go out into the unknown when you are only directed by the Spirit of God, right? Do you think so or you follow your guts and hope for the best?

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.


  1. I'm a rain Lover, and I play a lot in the rain!

  2. Rain it's part of my pleasant I'm very interested

    1. I'm glad rain is a pleasant climate for you. High five!