I have been meaning to share this memory with the world, and finally, I have sustained the dexterity to write it down in literal words.

I was young, maybe a boy of five or six and it was Easter. So, I went with the rest of the family to a special Easter program, with joy in my heart and a hearty song on my lips. There was this popular artist in my area, and he will be coming to our neighborhood to minister. 

I was elated. Nothing could calm me down, I was not even sure I ate that beautiful morning, and I was a lover of food.

The tent for the event was spread out at the town square, visible for all to see. I remember taking my seat next to my mother. Sitting still for the event to start was like torture. Finally, the program started with a special song from the minister and we were all meant to sit down and just enjoy it. Sit down and just enjoy it!

But l was too expectant to sit down, I stood up, my eyes alight. My mum said sit down several times before I sat down. I stood up again almost reflexively, she tapped me again to sit down. I wanted to disobey, but I finally sat down and decided to enjoy the song like everyone else. 

I sat down but in reality, I was standing up on the inside. Everyone saw me sitting down like a good boy, but on the inside, I was standing up and singing my heart out, dancing with abandon. 

What am I trying to say?

Life will tell us to sit down many times. Life will advise us to live in despair. Your situation will tell you to do as others do. But you must make up your mind about what you want to do. 

David strengthened himself in the Lord when he was in the valley of the shadow of death. Gideon strengthened himself in the Lord when his circumstance told him that he was the least of all men. 

There will come a time in your life when you have to stand up on the inside. There will come a time in which the truth your faith is founded upon will be tested. Times when you have to decide to stay and stand strong upon the convictions that has guided you in the righteous path so far.

In all things friend, stand up on the inside. Strengthen yourself in the Lord and He will guide you in all things.

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.



  1. Brilliant,

    That's great. Keep it up friend you're moving. Thanks for sharing