Once upon a time I was a little boy, I remember how joyous those days were! If I remember correctly, I was a boy of fourteen at this time. Teenage years was in full bloom and I planned to enjoy it to the fullest.

I was gangly, I was not sure I weighed up to forty kilos. I played football a lot then, and as you might guess, my love for football rewarded me many scars.

On one of these days, we were busy learning in class, listening to what the teacher was saying. Truthfully, I can’t recall the subject or topic the teacher was taking us, but I remembered the event that came next. The bell rang for lunch and we all rushed out, some rushed to the food vendor, while some of us headed to the school field to play sports.

We got to the school field, chose a spot for ourselves. We also hastily created teams and before you know it, we were playing football, dribbling and running around on the field, sweating our energy out, and suddenly I saw a bat heading my way, but I saw it too late, and was too slow to avoid it.

In the thrill of the match, we had unknowingly ventured into the space of those playing tennis, and without knowing, I had stood in the way of an incoming ball, and the tennis player had already shoot out his bat to hit the ball. And lo! I received a bat to the eye.

I was graced. I didn’t lose my right eye, but I spent a week receiving medication at a hospital and taking drugs. And truth be told, I have no love for medicine. No love! Laughs!

In this life, we all get a bat to an eye from time to time. Things don’t work our way, plans go wrong, and we wonder where we made a mistake. Situations head our way faster than we can respond. Life responds and it takes time for our brain to boot and come up with a solution. Yes! It happens.

But God is a God that uses every mess to make a message. He uses every circumstances to shape and build you. He teaches and trains you by what comes your way. 

What might come your way might be loss of a relationship, and you might not be expecting it. It might break your heart, and leave you speechless. It might shatter the careful castle you have built. But! Be courageous.

The future that looked unformed will become the wonder of the world very soon.

In God’s Love,

Peace Okunola