On YouTube last night, I was streaming a show about a long-lost treasure that was recently discovered. It reminded me of the series of movies I had watched over the years.

This morning, the wind tickled my ear, bringing me to the present and I can't help but ask, where did this desire for treasure come from?

I know I am one of those treasure hunters. As a boy, I looked for treasure in books, my eyes drinking information like water. I also remembered as a boy, I would walk quietly into the woods, looking for buried treasures. 


Even as an adult, I dream about destiny helpers or distant relatives leaving me a fortune or two.

I remembered the show last night and the expression of the treasure hunters that were interviewed, I saw smiles and fulfillment written all over their faces, but I have lived long enough to know appearance can be deceiving.

Maybe the real problem is that we are looking for the wrong treasure. I believe the right treasure is out there, waiting and ready to be claimed. A treasure that will transform lives, give people purpose, and make their lives better. And I believe this treasure is God's love.

Love is the universal language. Love can melt the hardest heart, it can heal the wounds of the broken heart and it can quiet the fears of the anxious heart. Life is tasteless without love. More than that, Love amplifies our amazing potentials.

This true treasure is already inside of you. You just need to embrace God's love and start sharing His love with all of mankind. 

And you know the best thing about this true treasure? It lasts forever.