It is night here, and I am staring into the light casting shadows all around the room. I moved my head and the shadow on the wall moved along, creating imagery that stretches scientific explanations.

The light reminded me of my younger years. I remember growing up as a child in a small town. 

It was usually beautiful at night. 

The squirrels ran around in the bushes and the trees swayed as the night breeze caressed them into dancing. But the moment I eagerly waited for was the appearance of the fireflies that flickered into existence when the night is deep and the light of the day is far away.

The sheer joy on my face was a beauty to behold. We run around in the middle of the night after a strict warning from my mother not to stray far. We run, struggling to catch the fireflies dancing wildly around the beautiful daffodils.

After many attempts to catch the fireflies, and not catching anything, we finally did. I was the lucky child to catch it, trapping it in the palms of my hands. Surprisingly, we were able to transfer it to a transparent bottle and watch it fly around.

We stood there for a while, watching it, and as time goes on, the speed at which it flew reduced. My mum walked close to where we sat on the bare ground with the bottle in our midst. “It is time to let it go,” she said. We protested for a moment, but grudgingly, I opened the bottle and we watched it fly into the night, growing distant by the minutes.

What God wants for us all is His Love and Light. He wants us all to shine our light bright with the rest of the world. He wants us to freely give our love to the world, starting with those around us. He wants us to keep shining bright even when it feels like just flickers to us. He wants us to keep shining despite the seeming darkness all around. 

Do you remember our childhood days when we used to sing the song, “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine!” But as adults, are we shining our light? We have allowed the responsibilities of adulthood to choke our light. We have allowed darkness in through the front door, keeping our light hidden away.

Shine your light. Don’t keep it in a bottle. Share your light, and express your love. Let the love of God flow from the inside out. Let the glow within you drive the darkness away. Let God’s love light up your heart and heal the whole world all around.

In God’s Love,

Peace Okunola.


  1. Wow.. I’m going to let my light shine

  2. This is grea !,keep the light shinning