The world is a place of learning. A child is born, he cries and crawls, then he starts the journey of walking. He learns to walk through the trials of childhood into the abundance of adulthood. He learns the importance of forging a path through life.

He learns that a man without a vision is like a surgeon without a scalpel, a cowboy without a horse, or a dancer without a song. 

Any man who lacks the courage to fly is like a man in the midst of the ocean, crying for help; for water to wash his face. He has all the potential to become what he needs to be, but he has been trapped by his own fear. "What if I fail?" He asks mumbles. 

Life has a way of putting us in difficult situations.

But courage helps us overcome fear and makes us attempt things we think we lack the strength for. Being courageous gives us the power to chase our dreams and increase our belief in our abilities despite being surrounded by fear.

One late evening, Israel was getting ready for the jog in the park. He asked his wife, “Where is our daughter?”

She replied, “She'd gone to play with her friend.”

Israel, “Okay, remember to call her to be home early. I am going jogging now.”

He started jogging in the park. Everything was quiet. Too quiet. Suddenly he heard screaming from the bushes. He stopped and listened to the screaming.

It was the voice of a girl. Then he heard the voice of a man. It looks like the girl is in danger.

He continuously heard the sounds of fighting and muttering. All he could think of was Rape.

But Israel was hesitant to get involved and worried about his safety. He was thinking about calling the police. As he was thinking about his safety, he could feel, he could feel the voice going down. His mind was already imagining things...

He realized that he should act quickly to save the girl.

Israel took courage and started running towards the bushes. As he was running, he could feel strength from nowhere fueling his body.

He jumped over the bushes and pulled the man off the girl. He repeatedly punched the attacker in the face. The man could not withstand his punches. He pushed Israel onto the ground and ran away.

Israel wanted to run after him, but he remembered the girl curled up in the bush. It was late in the evening, so he could not see the face of the girl. He could hear only the shivering of the girl.

Trying to soothe her, he said, “Do not worry, the man had run away. You are safe to come out now.”

Then she immediately came out running towards him and started crying, “Dad.” Israel was shocked.

It was his daughter.

Being courageous gives us the power to chase our dreams, face our fears and increase our belief in our abilities.

In God's Love,

Peace Okunola.