There is no light, all is dim
As the sun mourns our arrival
And the life we call survival
On earth, gloomy and cloudy.

Are you living a happy life?,
Doing what your heart desire?
Or are you waiting to die
On earth, bleak and dire?.

Little brings joy to our heart,
Still young to the law of earth,
And threats that shadows our path
In the light of the day and night.

We find love and strength in friends
And in the beauty that remains in life
Full of traps that renders men of might
Helpless as they bravely meet their end.

We shall sing, dance and get drunk
To forget the worries that plagues the minds
Of the old and young, the weak and strong
As time seems to slowly pass by.

We shall pray to the ethereal galaxies
And seek aid from the deity of the land
To watch over us in times of peril
That we may enjoy life while she stands.

©Okunola Peace