Art, poems and prose.
"Help is a being that chooses his own way On a beautiful and unexpected day."

The forest was calm in the glade where Kan found shelter. It was free from the hubbub of life that roams around in the other part of the forest. Kan suddenly woke up and became aware of his surroundings. The leaves has become eerily still and the few hairs left on his bare skin started to stand up.

He felt a chill in his heart and opened his weary eyes, looking around from his vantage under a lone tree. 
He saw the spirit in the distance, a glob of light that became bigger and larger the more it came closer. 

It took awhile, but it came close enough that Kan could see the face hovering at the center of the light. It filled his vision, blocking out the light of the sun and when it opened its mouth to speak, its voice was sweet, beautiful like the harp when the strings are played masterfully. Its voice could calm a raging sea, It could make the gods pause in their control of the world. 

Kan asked fearfully : Who are you? What are you?! 

The Spirit answered boldly : I am Kaeden, the spirit of this glade. The watcher of evil and the guardian of the gate. 
       " Here I am to bring you home, 
       Into the afterlife beyond. 
       For I can hear your weariness, 
        And pain, from my post in limbo."

Kan : "I am content and satisfied. 
      I will abide here, 
      Waiting to see a sign, 
      Waiting for the shepherd, 
      To unburden me of my load, 
      And make me whole again"

Kaeden : Are you sure? The spirit softly asked. 
        "You are very thin and frail. 
        Your buttocks are like a goat's hoof. 
        Your arms are very fragile, 
        The very breath of the wind, 
        Will easily snap it like twigs."

Kan : "I am content to wait, 
      And endure the pain of life, 
      While I still draw breath. 
      Painful it might be, 
      But, my faith is strong, stronger still, 
      While there is still hope."

Kaeden: Are you sure? The spirit asked again, quietly this time. 
        "Your eyes has sunk deep in their socket, 
        Like water shining at the bottom of the lake. 
        The hairs on your scalp has withered, 
        Leaving your head a barren ground, 
        Like a barren tree with no fruit"

Kan spat out angrily: "I am content to wait, 
                   Even if years pass me by, 
                   Even if seasons comes and goes."

Kaeden resignedly said: Very well, 
        If you need anything, call my name. 
        And I will hear and answer. 
        I am always within earshot. 

Kan felt the spirit leave, though there was still no sound. He prayed and waited, lying under the tree, feeling its hard bark under his head. 
The sun that went on a journey came back and shone down its light on his withered form. He mustered his strength and begin to drag himself away from the direction the spirit called Kaeden came from. 

To be continued..... 
©Okunola Peace.