Art, poems and prose.

When the old world slumber, 
I shall be awake to be your keeper. 

The stars bear witness in the absence of light, 
And the solemn moon guides the lost in the night. 

Shall we wait for the messenger of death
To deny us of this moment, with his breath? 

I want us to enjoy the fragrance of life, 
To heal the pain that hide behind our eyes.

Let us sing the song of love to our home, 
And forget about tomorrow's trial, yet to come. 

We shall be like the mountain in the sea, 
That stands strong amidst the gale and wind. 

It might take years to fulfill my oath beyond measure, 
But we shall unite to be One, dear treasure. 

In all our times together, when i see your naked look,
You are milder than angels that swims in the brook. 

When you are weak, I will try to be strong, 
For only in your presence, do I belong. 

When there is rain, I will be your dry shade, 
To be a comfort and cradle that will never fade.

©Okunola Peace