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As we watched our faith dangle in the balance; we were too busy to realize that the end was ripe. Rather than embracing holiness. We ran after the Golden Fleece while the Holy Spirit departs like a shadow in darkness.

So, we were caught with our empty lamp, dirty soul, dead faith and filthy garment. Aah! I missed heaven! This tale that chronicled my eternal journey to the pathway of HELL! My name is Elder Talabi.

As I drove into the premises of All Saint Gospel Church Agege branch. I was thinking about the company I left in care of my workers because I can hardly trust them. Well, they learnt it all from me, but in business a thief is the person caught stealing.

I have not for once been caught even though I cook up books of account to loot the company dry. I am a Christian, but an undiscovered thief.

As I taxed my jeep along the pathway of the church, I checked my wristwatch. I was 25 minutes late for the elder’s meeting that was being held in the church. I thought of the lie I could use. I parked the car in the driveway and walked towards the entrance of the church. I entered the church and met three elders of the church, the pastor and the president elder.

Elder talabi, why are you late? The pastor queried with keen interest.
I am sorry, I was held down by traffic. I lied without remorse.
I sat down to get the grasp of the subject under discussion. The meeting was about the purchase of new land for expansion of the church.

Before we continue this discussion, let’s pray, directed the pastors and we all stood up. Just in 15 minutes, I opened my eyes to see who tapped me. It was Elder Taiwo who was seriously shivering as if there was an outbreak of harmattan. He pointed at where Elder Bola was standing. I look at the direction, only to see nothing but his trouser, shirt and shoes on the floor.

I look at the pastor, but he was still praying. A bombshell has just been dropped into my bosom, I thought, I am doomed! Tears began to well up my face as though I have lost the greatest thing in my life.

It was Rapture!

It was as if the presiding elder read my mind. He tapped the pastor and said,”I think Rapture has taken Elder Bola. It’s Rapture! Everyone chorused with silent tears of agony while stood confessing their sins including the pastor. Elder Bola made it. Phones rang for calls and text about this unusual event from friends and relatives via social media platform.

 Other news headlines from radio station confirmed this and it dawned on me that I have missed heaven. People started declaring their missing relatives and friends. It’s all over. News and noises of mysterious disappearance of some people became the order of the day.

In God's love,
© Osho Tunde