Hear my voice O desert tribe
From the holes where you dwell.
Look to the north and hear my call
As I stand alone in this bleary night.

Patience have I had to live a quiet life,
But the nature of man stretch my mortal limit.
I worry enough about the life I live,
But mankind does not want me to smile.

I try every precious day to be free and mild,
Sometimes, I am the perfect paragon of mirth,
But, when the west wind sadly blows my way,
My wintry sadness will drown the heat of the sun.

I have been accused with both black and fair fingers
That I do not care, that I love to be alone
In my art and craft, but If I carry the world's weight,
On my fragile shoulders, would I be able to shoulder it?

Look at me, tell me, what do you see?
Look around you, tell me what your mind says.
Look at the world, tell me what your heart sings,
And I will tell you what we lack in our ways.

How many years must we continue like this?
How long must our heart continue to beat wildly?
What must I do? What path must we tread
To sate the desires our heart craves and dreads?

@Okunola Peace.