“To hope, to dream, towards a passion, profession or occupation”

Where is that man or woman that does not aspire? I believe there is none. Who is that fellow that does not dream about something? There is none. Who is that person that has not fantasize about his moment of glory and greatness? I doubt if there is any. And this tells us that we all aspire in one way or another. 

Aye! We all aspire to be a better version of ourselves. 
Some people aspire to be a figure their family can proudly proclaim their own, some people aspire to be someone the community can be proud of, some people aspire to be a person that helps the situation of another, because we were not born perfect in this life we live and have found ourselves.
Then, the question each of us should ask our self is: what do I aspire for?

What do you aspire for, my friend? Do you aspire to live a simple, peaceful life, free of regret and celebrity? Do you aspire to be a man or woman at the edge of world, free from the politics of the world? Do you aspire to be a person who will bury his nose in the things he loves? Do you aspire to listen to your favorite songs all day, without any care in the world? I wish it was that easy, if it was so, a lion will give birth to a goat, but it is not so. If the world was that simple, that we all get what we want at the time we hope for it, how simple, unpolitic and innocent the world will then be. 

Most times, thinking of what I aspire for and the journey so far, I have found reasons to be grateful.

It will be not be easy, along the way, the tide and gales of the world will loom over us like a vengeful god, ready to consume us and if we are fearful and do not grasp courage and banish fear to the deep recess of our mind, we will become a fig tree that does not bear fruit.

The flesh is weak and cannot sustain us on its own for a long time, it will just collapse and let us know that its journey has come to an end.

We must know where our heart lies, because it will be part of our anchor in the path to greatness.

Nobody is a fountain of knowledge, no one is a divine well that sees far into the future.

We all stumble in our quest towards making an impact and there is no shame in stumbling, but we must always find the strength to rise again; to achieve and fulfill the dreams we aspire for.
I pray we find the strength, knowledge, understanding and guidance in all we aspire for.

In God’s love,
©Okunola Peace.