I Sighs! I exhales.

I am a simple man and every single day, I meet new people and the words that spills out the mouth of most of them, like a dam that has break-down the bank that keeps it leashed is sometimes unusual.

Why do we all bear scars, why is our life not as perfect as we wishes it to be? Why is it that this world etches us with deep scars even though we do not live in a world of ancient wars and strife? The world might have changed and modernized, but we still fight battles unseen and mostly uncalled for.

I believe it is time we pray, for the world is in a dangerous place at the moment. The country has become a place where the poor fights over the little that the rich has left for us to make a whole out of and you have not started praying.

The youth has left the path of honor and integrity and cross over to the broad path of dishonor where they will get their hands dirty and their minds tainted and you have not started praying.

The rich has become what the country despises most, shedding the skin of virtues that has been their only protection against the lures and pleasures of evil and you have not started praying.

Don’t be caught unaware, the jaws of destruction has yawn wide open, ready to swallow us whole as if we do not exist and you seat in your comfort zone, thinking the sun will always shine, thinking the rain that always fall will always be cold and calming to the skin, no it will not always be so.

So, my friends, my beloved, let us pray, adding the faith of our work to our fervent belief.

In God’s love,
©Okunola Peace.