“Lovebirds pine for each other”

Lovebirds are a very vocal species. They make loud, high-pitched noises. Some makes noises all day, especially during dawn to dusk. This is a normal parrot behavior as flock animals, where they are calling for each other before the start of the day and just before they settle down for the night. They are very active, agile and love to chew things.

If a mate dies or get separated from the flock, its companion will always show strange behaviors that can be attributed to depression or sadness. Lovebirds does not like to be alone and will exhibit behaviors of loneliness when in captivity.

After a long separation, breeding pairs of lovebirds usually feed each other to re-establish their bond. To be sincere, I marvel at such maturity found in these species of birds, they are a marvel in God’s creation. One bird transfers food to the mouth of its mate, a method of feeding that can also be found in human being when they are trying to show their affection to a friend or partner.

Lovebirds deserve the name they are given, because in every possible behavior they exhibits, they display love. They pine for each other. Do you pine for anything? Do you pine for your friends after a long time of separation, do you pine for your lord, your God? Do you feel agitated after a long time without talking to your partner?

Do you show love to those that surrounds you? Do you let them know that you miss them? Do you always find ways to share your time and space with those you love? Do you call them? Do you ask after their health?

 It is very important to surround yourself with your loved ones and spend time with them, because they need you, just as you need them to find your way in the world.

In God’s love,
©Okunola Peace.