The world is a place of spirit and powers,
Where the good and bad dwells together.
The world is a world of light and darkness,
Where there is no middle ground to stay.

You want to change the world of man,
With the laziness of your hands?
You want to impact the life of men,
Within the shy place you built for yourself?

You want to be a man of light,
Shining above the heavens and earth?
You want to be a beacon of power,
That draws mankind with your presence?

You must wear the garment of holiness,
And the diligence that comes with it.
You must deny self and yield to the lord,
That will raise you above the whole wide world.

You must be fervent in the lord,
That will multiply you in all the things,
He has placed in your godly life,
And the things he has surrounded you with.

©Okunola Peace.