I was deep, so deep in the infernal waters
Where darkness reign and made his throne.
I was in pain, so afraid and so alone
In a place where there was no Light.

I could vividly see the host of darkness,
Laughing at me with their mouths and teeth.
I looked into their dark and cruel eyes,
And all I see does not give glory to the Light.

Then I cried, O! How I cried with my voice
To the space and the ethereal skies,
Hoping that God will hear my plea,
And will swiftly come to my rescue.

My heart was full of doubt and hopelessness,
For the darkened host whispered into my ears,
But I prayed, knowing that my strength; weak
And fragile will not save me from this hell.

I was being sucked in, and all that remained of me
Was my head and my flailing right hand.
And I knew that will also be gone,
Totally sucked into the depth of darkness.

A depth of darkness where I have no voice.
A pit of hell where I am a slave.
A deep depth, so deep that with my strength,
I would never find the might to claw my way up.

Suddenly, from nowhere, I was drawn upward
By a hand; strong and sure, pristine and divine.
I looked up to see the face of my helper,
And all I saw was an ever-shining light.

When I saw the light, darkness disappeared,
Becoming a thing of the past.
And my heart was full of joy and I smiled,
For the first time in my life.

© Okunola Peace.