The wind blows from the depth deep
To my home at the ends of the city,
And upon the wings of the wintry wind
Sat my muse, the sweet sound of music.

The sound and the lovely rhythm
Stirs something from deep within,
And makes me hunger for the life
That it awakes in my spirit and mind.

The sound that the rhythm creates
Fan my spirit to lofty height
That my feelings and pleasant desire
May come alive and gain stature.

When the cords of my muse is struck,
I experience the sweet emotion of shock,
For it heals my fractured heart,
And mar my thoughts of chaos and death.

It makes my sad face glow,
And bow my aches and problems low.
It makes the rivers within flow
That my budding talents may grow.

When I see tools of worship,
I always want to play and listen,
For their sounds elevates my soul,
And makes me feel lifted and whole..

Oh! How I love the sound of music,
That awakens my capacity to feel,
When my days are dark and lonely.
Aye! I love the sound of music.

©Okunola Peace.