The world is now in a new season and we are traversing it with all the strength and innovative adaptability we can muster. Everywhere looks different, and well, people are looking like the creations of God.

I know worry is not going to solve the problem. So, I packed a bag and decided to go on a little trip in order to add more fuel to my container. Isn’t that amazing? And I am perfectly aware of the importance of my safety and health. I bid my neighbors goodbye, wishing them the best of the season and for God’s grace and sustenance. I bid my best friend and roommate goodbye, promising to get him something on my way back. We laughed and cracked jokes, it was fun.

It was a three hours journey and I did my very best to enjoy it. I listened to my favorite gospel songs and sightsee till I arrived at my destination. The other passengers and I made ourselves comfortable and enjoyed the serenity of moving unimpeded on a commercial highway. It was lovely and a cherished moment for me.

And as we moved at a speed a normal human being cannot mimic, we eventually stopped along the way for the driver to purchase fuel and add to the dwindling amount in the fuel container. The fuel attendant pumped fuel into the fuel container and after a couple of minutes, we were on the highway again, traversing the expanse of the roadway, as the wind swiftly blew past our face, trying to hold dearly onto us.

But back on the road, I realized something I will very much like to share with you. I hope you like it.

The roadway we traverse is like the time and space we live in and the vehicle we occupied is mankind. We wanted the journey to be smooth and for it to continue until we arrived at our destination. You will agree with me that that is our goal when moving from a point to another, right? But the vehicle we are travelling in is not self-sustaining, so, we need to add more fuel as time goes on, and if we do not, we will come to terms with the painful realization that the vehicle will break down and refuse to move from that location.

This is the same with mankind, we are meant to always be moving. We are not meant to be stagnant. We are meant to move from grass to grace and greater heights. And to do this, we need to add more fuel. We need to add the love of God to what we do, we need to add more creativity to what we set our hearts and minds on. We need to add more determination in our quest to get to our destination. We need to add the right friends to our social sphere. We need to add more teamwork to our work. We need to add more wisdom and understanding to our life-bag as we traverse life.

Fuel is a commodity and at the momet, a very  precious commodity. Why? It aids movement and prevent stagnancy.

So, where is the right source to get our fuel? There are many source where a man can get his fuel or sustenance, but the right source is God.
It's knowing God that supplies the abundance of his love into our coffers. It is knowing the Holy Spirit that supplies creativity in our hearts and minds.  It is our hunger for God that fuels our determination to become better and fufil purpose. It is the Word of God that guides us in our quest to witness for christ, add more purpose-driven friends, do team work, and supplies us with indept wisdom and understanding of life.

It will take time, it will require resources and our priceless energy. And when all this things are in place, one day or a moment away, we will realize that we have accomplished our goals.
So, as a friend, I will advise us to add more wisdom to how we spend this time of our life. It can be the turning point for someone’s career and business. May the good Lord help us all.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.