You are all guardians of the earth
With tireless energy and might
And the skillful precision and mastery
Of the ability to always cure the sick.

You are all shining beacons
That are noble and forever brave,
For you bear a positive countenance
That always puts the patients at ease.

When the world is full of fear
And rendered to its mortal knees,
You wear your profession with faith
And never stops fighting.

You part our fine and delicate skins
With your sharp and surgical knives
In order to cure us of our diseases
And restore us back to life.

After you work on our mortal bodies
And the cells that makes us tick,
We always feel as fine as silk,
Radiating love, joy and peace.

You are all beautiful as you are,
Dressed in your attire of blue and white.
You are all unique; for you always find
A spark of life before it flickers away.

©Okunola Peace.