You are a maiden of light
Left by the physicians to die.
I remember that day vividly;
The dorms, with students, were teeming
Like an island in floody times,
And the sun's light was too bright for our eyes
That was wide open through the night;
For the end of the semester was nigh
When the school is going to test
The knowledge we gathered over time.

Our feelings of grief that year
Could drown the universe
In sorrows for a thousand years,
For our sense of pride was shattered,
Leaving nothing but broken shards;
Our rage at your youthful demise
Thundered louder than a lightning strike;
Our babble of noise and cries
Echoed across realms and distances
Aye! Farther than we ever thought.

We will have willingly died
Like lost sheeps without a guide;
As we voiced out our condemnation
To the authority of our institution;
We dropped our books and pen
In the shelter of our house.
We locked our ego and modesty
In the crucible of our heart
That the world may drink of our defeat
And know how bitter it taste.

We remember you dear;
With our gifts of love and care,
With our hardwork and diligence,
With our endless act of kindness,
Not with flowers of sadness,
Or with songs of heroe lost,
Or with anger and strife,
Or with tears colder than ice,
That your memory of beauty
May be immortalized in our hearts.

One day, we shall come out of earth,
Through the veil of mortality,
And we shall see you, charity!
Amidst the big angels of light,
Dancing your joy and heart out,
And that day is close and far away
When we shall see you again
And speak of our country Nigeria
And the memories we made in it,
For the glory and honor of Christ.

(We remember February 15, 2016).

©Okunola Peace.