"Sing me a song full of life,
Sing me a song full of truth,
Sing me a song of the errors of pride,
Before I blindly heed to the song of death".

Whoever said life is fair is a liar and a very bad one. Life is not fair, life is a fiery demon that will eat you alive if you are not careful and vigilant. The present world we live in is broken by the wickedness of man and the beyond.

The economy is in total shambles. And the government is displayed as the paragon of justice and truth on the media.

We live in a time when it is hard for an average family to  eat twice in a day, talkless of three square meal per day;

Families beg for food when endurance wane and cannot be beared. Men feed on rodents that they will have sneered at in the days of abundance and young women sell their bodies for money.

And it is this same period when the masses are suffering that the opulent and rich family dine on salted and seasoned fish, harvested from the deepest part of the ocean. They slaughter domestic animals on daily basis and feed on them, getting fat on the suffering of men and you say life is fair?

Life will never be fair when there's a poor and rich category in the matrix of the world. Life will never be fair when there's a bully to terrorize the weak. Life will never be fair when a brother murders and betrays his family for the love of power and money. Life will never fair as long as it is hard to find men and women of integrity.

Life will never be fair when the security agencies is like a power unto their own self. Life will never be fair as long as there is a hierarchy in the ladder that differentiate men and women in fashion, style, technology, management, development, manpower and governance.

The unfairness of the world cannot be corrected by the acts of man alone, it's far worse beyond what mankind can handle. So, what do we need? We need the aid of our Creator! But he cannot intervene without us calling for him because the earth is for the sons of men.

The question is, how do we go about it?
Or should I say, what are we individually going to do about it? Are we going to call upon him? Or are we going to trust in the wisdom and might of men that avails little to nothing?

Let us call down his presence today! Let us call him down to intervene! For where he is there is access to his riches and blessing. Yes, wherever he is found there is liberty from the broken nature of life.
Let us call on him until he answers, because life will remain unfair to the life of a man that is bereft of the presence of God.

In God's Love,
Okunola Peace.