Beat the drums O swiftly beat the drums
Till the earth quakes and the heaven runs.
Heat the coal until they are cloudy
That the sound and smoke may lit the world.

On the wings of life has time flown by
With all our memories in the sky,
For those old days brought tears to my eyes
When I left and bid you all goodbyes.

Their hands are strong, mighty and tender
To pull you out of your deep dark hole.
Their words are soft, swift, sweet and bitter,
But strong enough to make your mind whole.

Their keen eyes have seen the world to be,
And their sharp ears have heard diverse things,
And with the experience gained and learnt,
Their words birth seeds in our budding heart.

They are like the slow swelling sweet sea
That feeds us all with their well of spring,
And as the heaven stands above the earth,
So do your knowledge stand in our heart.

We saw your light shining like the light
Free from pain and the struggles of life,
And so we learn all the alphabets
That you feed us, so sweet like apples.

©Okunola Peace.