I have been given a deep cup
That is meant to be filled with wine
And there are thousands of wine
To taste and drink deeply from,
But your wine is the only flavor
I would love to be filled with.
For you are the lovely sun
That fills my house with sunlight
And the comely moon
That fills my home with moonlight.

Your presence enchants me;
Your absence distracts me;
Your voice delights me;
It fans my love for you,
Blowing it higher
Above the heavens.
Men have searched for you,
Ready to die,
Just to have a taste of your wine
And feed on your cakes and puddings.

You have become an art in my mind
Beautifully drawn to show perfection
And fill my mind with the colors of life.
And in your presence I never get tired;
You roll and curl on the bed of my heart.
What have you turn me into?
A creature of love,
That has become addicted to you.
I am restless, I cannot sleep
And when I do, I dream only about you.

©Okunola Peace.
—Epistle of Ahavati.

Akanke – Akanke means one who is especially cherished or pampered.