If fate smiles upon me
And bestows upon me three wishes,
I will wish only for you
Without a second thought.
I will wish that you love me
The same way I love you—
And that I be found in the center
Of your dreams, the same way you are in mine.

If I have you, I have life in abundance.
If I have you, I have endless peace
And joy that darkness cannot take way.
If I have you, I have love
That is patient and kind.
If I have you, what else do I need?
I search and search...
Aye! I search the heaven and earth
And I could find nothing compared to you.

I will use only one of them
And give out the other two—
Though my dreams are vast and wide,
They can all be answered by one wish.
All the dreams that I had ever dreamt
And all the vision that I had ever seen
To make my wish come to fruition
Are all centered around you.
I have only one life,
A life I only want to spend with you.

©Okunola Peace.