You are a good man to have around and today which is your special day, I wish you the best the world can offer, for the world is more radiant just with your presence in it.
Today, the day my handsome Kolade was born, who made me see my glaring beauty in his eyes.

I remember the sweet moments we had; of bliss and adventure that nothing could be compared to. I would sing our song every noon and every night just to hear you laugh and see you smile. You are like the priceless air that I breathe in and the sweet song that I sing.

When I was weak, you were there to make me strong, to make me smile and to make me me laugh. I love you so much with the love only God can give that I wish that your future achievements are more than that of yesterday.  Blue is your color like the hue of the sky, so enjoy today as you feed on your favorite meal, spaghetti as you call it.

You are fun to be with. You are funny and sweet. You are jovial and honest. Today, I wish that your day is memorable and that everything goes better than your expectations.

Another priceless year has passed by and it is time for you to make a wish, blow the candles and cut the cake into two.

Your birth day will always be a day worth remembering and I pray it brings you happiness and joy and every good thing you desire.

Fondly As Ever,
Your friend, Joke.