You are a special woman
Full of kindness and charm
And the strength of life
That has never fade or die.

When God created you mother,
He created you to love and be loved
And the memories we made over the years
Are fresh and new every morning.

Your smile is beautiful and bright,
Brighter as the years passes by.
You always know what to do and say
Anytime I seek and ask for your advice.

You taught me the lessons of life
And my eyes to see the wonders of life
And I wish you joy and laughter
As you enjoy the rare gift of today.


You are a bright beacon of light
That has never dim, fade or die,
But strong, brimming with life
As the year comes and passes by.

You taught me the principles of life
With the discipline of a loving mother.
You pray and advice me to be wise
That I may grow up and become better.

You still smile like that of a baby
And dance beautifully like a teen.
You still laugh like that of a child
That radiates with the joy of life.

On a day like this, you are grand
And there is none grander than you,
Enjoy the days of life, mother,
For there is none quite like you.

©Okunola Peace.

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