Beauty flows like the sea
From the depth of the heart
With the purity of love
And in you–
I see a deep beauty
That flows endlessly.

Blessed is the first fountain
Of your early beginning
And the destinies of love
That mold you into a loving man.

Eat the cake
And all the good things–
Enjoy it with your loved ones
For today has the Lord made
That the light of purpose
May happily swirl at your feet
And that everything good
May find their way to you.
Yeah! Your light will be bright–
Shining brighter until the perfect day.

©Okunola Peace.


  1. Thanks
    That's great perfect poem.
    But everyday is a perfect day for me. 😊😎
    God bless you Peace. More grace and power to you!

    1. My pleasure.
      And Amen!
      May our days be perfect for the purpose they were purposed for.