How many of us have sat down to reflect on memories from the past? And how revealing they are at times. 
I remember some situations I have been in that looking back now, I know I would have made better use of them or handled them better. What about you? I am sure you have also thought about it. Those are moments that expounds that growth is a continuous thing, it happens every day if we are willing to grow. 

I have even realized that in our process of growth, not everything requires our choice. It sort of just drags us along, whether we want to or not.

I was browsing through my Facebook account when I came across some of my old pictures, and looking at them made me remember the past, both the good and the bad times. 

I remember the uncertainty of those times and the moments of gladness that made me cherish those far-gone moments, but most of all, what stood out for me the most was how far I had come from that time. Yeah! How far I have left my old ways, character, behaviors and mentality. 

It was an interesting revelation that made me cherish my growth and kindled my hope brighter, because I know that if I continue in this path of life, my future will surprise me.

I have a friend who teaches me to move forward in life. The ease at which he leaves his past behind still surprises me, but I have come to realize that leaving the past behind is the only way we can center our focus on the future. 

The future has a lot of beautiful possibilities in store for us, but can we leave the past behind and see the traces of amazing possibilities that lies ahead of us?

When are you going to leave that old mentality behind that gains you nothing, but drives family, friends and opportunities away from you? When are you going to leave that character that goes against everything virtue and integrity stands for? 

When are you going to leave behind that past where you base your self-worth on what others say about you? Don’t you know it deprives you of the beautiful things God has in store for you? When are you going to leave behind that past that holds you down and will not let you move forward and grasp what the future holds for you? When are you going to leave behind the past where you wallow in self-pity and cannot stand up and face your fears? 

When are you going to leave behind that past that teaches you to settle for less? Yeah! When you are you going to leave that drinking and smoking habits behind that is just going to shorten your lifespan? It will take you high to a place where you can leave the reality of the world behind, but before you know it, it will bring you down with such force that you will distaste your addiction to it.

To top it all, when are you going to leave behind that past where God is not in the equation? Yes, my friend, if God is not in the equation, you will live an incomplete life where you will keep searching for something to feel the emptiness you feel inside.

In God’s Love,
Peace Okunola