Have you seen a flower bed before? I am sure you have. You have probably walked amidst and through sweet smelling bed of flowers that give off a rich smell and glow with vibrant colors...

A flower bed is a garden where flowers are grown and displayed. And when preparing, creating and planting a new flower bed, the gardener must visualize the future. The bed may not look like much at its early stage when it is first planted, but as time moves and pass by, it will start becoming fuller, taller and full of rich colors, and for this to come to pass, the key is to anticipate the heights, colors, textures, and mass of all the various plants.

This takes a lot of hard work in and of themselves; the choosing of colors and textures which will determine the blend of colors and the richness of the garden when it matures. Also, the garden requires a lot of hard work on the part of the gardener; the removing of grass and its sods requires physical labor of the gardener; installing of weed barrier before the plants themselves are planted requires careful planning to know the strategic location they will be installed so that air, water and nutrients can penetrate down into the soil and enrich the plants that will one day grow into flowers; and most importantly, the gardener must be knowledgeable enough to know how to place the low-size plants, medium-size plants and tall-size plants in such a way that they complement each other when they grow into maturity.

I am sure you are seeing where I am going with this. You are, right?

In all my time living on earth, I have come to the realization that the best gardener who is the same yesterday, today and forever is God. He created all things to compliment themselves in the past, present and in the days to come. Yes! He is even creating at the moment.

God is a gardener that prepares us for who he wants us to be. God is a gardener who deposited talents in us that will enable us to fulfill our purpose. God is a gardener who also plants us in a family, place and environment that will help us to fulfill all that God wants to have for us. Sometimes, where we are planted are not to our best satisfaction, but God knows best and we must learn to trust in him, and seek his face that he may reveal his plan to us.

And like plants of varying sizes, it takes a process of time before they come to maturity and become flowers that beautifies the space where they are planted, emitting sweet smelling odors and glowing with vibrant colors. The plants has to learn to go through the process of photosynthesis, and weather through all the storms and harsh weathers of all the seasons.

And like the flower bed, we must learn to be patient with our gardener who is God, we must seek him to know what is in his mind, and when we do all this, we must also do our part by being hardworking, learning new things to unlearn outdated ideas and mentalities…

So, when you see a flower or a flower bed glowing with rich colors, understand that it takes a process of time to come to that state of glory.

In God’s Love,
Okunola Peace.