It is almost impossible not to come across dirt in our day to day life. Dirt is an unclean matter, especially when in contact with a person’s clothes, skin or possessions.

In the commercial setting, a dirty appearance gives a bad impression. People are concerned about dirt, when you are walking, and you step into a dirty puddle, you are not just irritated for the rest of the day, but your sense of impeccability and completeness has been disrupted.

God wouldn't have created dirt if there was not a dynamic beauty to it.

Dirt can come in form of embarrassment, low expectations, lack or insufficiency, loss of friends, loss of job, loss of family, loss of house etc. 

When you want to plant a seed in the ground, you dig the ground, and after making a sizeable hole in the ground, you drop the seed into it, and cover it with dirt. 

Before a plant can grow and bear seed, it has to be covered by dirt. It has to live and breathe around dirt before it can grow, and in the absence of the dirt, it will dry up, blown away by the wind. Or have you seen a seed placed on a rock that grew? No, it needs dirt to grow, and so do we.

If there is no dirt, our economy will be grounded and people will starve and die. Farmers will be jobless, and there will be no substance to harvest mineral resources from. If you look through the telescope of time, you will realize that the many inventions science has created have been due to the discoveries made in the earth.

So wherever you are right now, take heart and embrace your present situation.

Do not be embarrassed by dirt because it is good for you. it is because someone noticed that dirt in your life that made you see it, and made the fair-skinned blush, if your low position was not seen, thereby bringing it to your notice, you might have not noticed it at all or thought it is something dirty or unclean to you.

Whether it is big or small, dirt will come and go. One day, you will look back and laugh about it, but now, use it to your best advantage, use it to build up yourself. Make discoveries from it you didn’t see before. 

The beauty of dirt is that it reminds you of your presence on the face of the earth. It also reminds you that you came from dirt and that your body will return to that form one day.

This is not the first time you have been dirtied by life, and it is very possible that you will go through a deeper sorrow in life than being dirtied by life, but take heart, what seems to be a mountain now will look small and almost insignificant with time.

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.