The wind fluttered as before

And the forest happily hummed along,

And amidst her clustered trees,

What the serpent really said was this:

I see you O! perfect reed

Formed from the rib of immortality.

I see you O! Innocent womb

Adorned with the glory of light.

Pluck now this pleasing apple and feast,

Taste death for the first time

And learn to embrace sin

That will rob you of glory and light.

Eat and know the voice of sin

As you, your sons and daughters

Bow to the tower of babel

That will rise when you fall.

And when you fall,

You will know what it means 

To die, to lie, to cry

And toil the earth for food.

The knowledge of good and evil beckons,

Take, eat and die!

That I may change the universe

And blind your hearts and minds.

©Okunola Peace.