The sun had risen by the time I woke up on this fateful day, the cold wind whistled a lovely song by my window. Yes! A song for me to rise and shine. So I stood up, saying a prayer to God in my heart as I hastily prepared for a meeting I had registered for online.

I saw my phone blinking from where I was charging it, so I walked to check the messages I had received while sleeping. I unlocked my phone, and clicked the message icon. It opened and I saw that I had a message from my friend. 

“I just don’t know what my purpose in life is. I feel like I am living life in circles. Any advice to share?” she wrote me._

For some reason, her message awakened an old memory I had long forgotten. So I wrote her back and shared it with her:

I was on my way to an event, all dressed up, looking good and smelling nice. Laughs! The traffic in Lagos was hectic but I had thought about it before leaving the house. I had left two hours before the stipulated time to create time for myself if I was held up in traffic for a long time. 

I was in a public transit heading to my destination. Amazingly, the bus was boarded to completion at the garage before the journey began, so we didn’t have to go through the patience of the driver stopping at each bus-stop so that the conductor can direct people to board the bus to their respective destinations.

And as we started the long journey that will take about an hour, the conductor shut the door, sat at the seat beside the door and started asking the passengers for their transport fare. And as the norm is in Lagos, everyone started rummaging in their purses, wallets and pockets for their fare. I paid, collected my change and continued editing a poem I had written earlier that morning on my phone when I heard the conductor shouting at a passenger to pay his money. 

The passenger was also shouting back that that was not the price he called for him, suddenly a lady beside me called out to the conductor and told him she will pay the man’s fare.

And immediately, the tension and crackling energy in the bus reduced exponentially, the lady beside me paid the conductor, and the passenger who didn’t have the required transport fare thanked her profusely till he got to his destination and exited the bus.

You see, in that moment that lady beside me had completed a part of her purpose here on earth. In that moment, she has completed a moment of her mission on earth, which was about sowing a seed of mercy and kindness in the heart of the passenger who didn’t have his complete fare and in the heart of the rest of us.

The truth is that every single thing we do is tied to our purpose here on earth. Every single thing we do each day is a seed that will germinate and create a consciousness in others. God put us here to love each other. He put us here to sow seed of joy, peace, mercy and kindness in others. 

Therefore friend, live each day seeing purpose in every little thing.

In God’s Love,

Peace Okunola.