This life is full of beautiful scenes. 

I saw one of these beautiful scenes yesterday. On my way home, after leaving an event, I decided to stop at ShopRite to buy a few things before heading home. I walked in and knowing where I am going, I headed to the racks to pick the few odd things I wanted to buy.

As I approached the cashier, an elderly woman who seems to be in her seventies was before me. Her skin looked old and shrivelled. I could see white hairs peeking out of the sides of the scarf she tied on her head. The skin on her face were cracked and leathery. Her cheeks are sagged, but surprisingly, her eyes were still sharp. The first thought that came to mind was why she was there alone, but I didn’t have much time to ponder on it.

As soon as the cashier counted her change into her hands. I saw her smile and noted her joke with the cashier before they both burst out laughing. She turned sideways and smiled at me and the smile transformed her whole face. Her skin looked brighter with the laughing lines that adorned her face. I smiled back at her before she headed towards the exit while I faced the cashier.

There is a wonderful truth I learned from this elderly woman and it is about time. Time ages us all. And in the process, some of us will look young and beautiful while others will look old and leathery. But regardless of our age, we must not allow time to age our love and vitality.

Time will eventually age us all, but whether we grow old inside and lose our love and vitality is our choice. We cannot let the cares of the world steal our joy. We cannot let the uncertainty of tomorrow age us faster than our time. 

We must not let commitment steal the memories we are supposed to create with our loved ones.

So, let your love keep shining within and spilling out that you may be forever young.

In God’s Love,

Peace Okunola