I was walking to a residential place with friends. We accompanied a young man who was new to our area. He was quite striking for his dark skin and accent. We accepted him as a friend and a colleague.

It was night, the environment was pleasant, the weather was favorable and the breeze itself blows comfortably and caressed our smiling faces. We made small talk, talking about one thing and the other, it was free of the stress of our daily lives.

It was a commercial area in Lagos and there was little traffic, giving the drivers the leeway to speed up their vehicle as they see fit. We decided to cross to the otherside of the road by moving through the traffic. It was a process that require someone to be patient. So, we were patient, looking to and fro in both directions, trying to avoid being in the path of a moving vehicle.

We had to run swiftly across the road when we got the opportunity to do so in the flow of the moving traffic and sometimes, we had to hang back in the face of some reckless driving.

All of this didn't last past some few minutes, but it was a few minutes when a lot of misfortune could have happened. Being hit by a moving vehicle can lead to broken bones, loss of lives and increase in one's expenses because of the medical fee that will be required to manage the situation. We thanked God as usual for his safety and protection over our lives.

We crossed over and accompanied this new acquaintance to his humble abode, we made jest all the way there and when we were a stone throw from his dwelling, we shook hands and bid ourselves farewell.

What I want to bring out is that in life, the process of crossing over to our next level might require us to be patient. It demands that we do not make hasty decisions and put ourselves in the path of an oncoming destruction.
In crossing over to the other side and moving forward in life, we might need to be vigilant by looking in all directions before making a decision.

And when the time comes, we must know it is time to move forward. We must know it is time to run swiftly across and leave behind the hassles and the problem.
And along the way, we must learn to make ourselves happy and joyful by spending time with family and friends. Isolating oneself in life is wrong, we must learn to find companionship in others.

And when we cross over to the otherside, we must learn to move with the people that will connect us with the best the other side can offer.
And in the company of these new acquaintances, we must know our boundaries, when to shake hands and bid each other farewell.

I pray God helps us to make the right decision.

In God's love.
Okunola Peace.


  1. This is inspiring indeed. In life one has to wait in patience and good faith for the outcomes of one's effort to surface. Making 'hasty'decisionifht be a wrong move. For 'there's no rush to greatness'.

    1. Indeed Mr. Ibraheem.
      Life is a place where hasty living or decision making only leads to disaster.
      So, we must be patient and follow God's leading.