They opened their glassy eyes, 
In a land free from the burden of mankind
Where there is neither day or night,
Nor the love and hate of life. 

The dead do not care where they lay;
On bare earth, pristine floor or silent ground,
For they dwell in a realm where silence is found 
To walk the narrow or broad way. 

The dead do not feel joy or pain,
Or the zeal for material gain. 
They are not bound by their kismet, 
Nor do they dwell on their regret. 

The dead do not remember the cost 
To live life and survive to tell the tale,
Or the guilt of battle won and lost
As they lie beneath the ground, lifeless and pale. 

The struggles of the dead has ceased, 
For they cannot long for what may be. 
You shall live-on in our thought and memories, 
O! Silent Ones, For you have, at last, found peace. 

©Okunola Peace