"Nobody has a perfect life. Everyone has their own problem. Some people just know how to deal with theirs more than others."

In life we are all destined for greatness, no matter how lowly someone might be in the hierarchy of the world. Life is a place of learning, a place that will be so boring without the activities that comes with it. Most times, I see the beauty of God's creation and creativity in the way he has made everything work together for us, and I wonder at the complexity of his mind which made him synchronize everything together without leading to disaster.

I woke up this beautiful morning, the air was cool and calm; the calming presence of the breeze pulled me back to sleep, but there's time for comfort and time to work. I went for my early morning stroll to clear my head and prepare for the day and what I saw surprised me the more.

I saw a man jogging alongside the road, strengthening his black-skinned body to function more than before, running without care for man's opinion. I saw a woman dumping her refuse outside the house for the sanitation trucks that will come to pack it up and take it away for disposal.

I saw a cloaked man walking in silence, trying to be unseen. I saw a big house, with all the lights on, and from where I stood, I could see the house bustling with activities; I'm sure a woman will be cooking, preparing for the day, there will be a young-ling quietly reading, there will be a Christian reading the Bible and praying, there will be a Muslim, saying his early morning prayers, there will be Internet users busy with their phones or computers and there will be many more things going on that I didn't see, think about or mention.

After my sightseeing, my body was alert and the fatigue of slumber had gone. So, I began my walk back home to also prepare for another beautiful day and I realized something.

The world is created in such a way that everyone has a part to play in the machinery of the world. We're a part of what made the world animate, what makes the cogs and gears of the world's system to work.

We're the world itself, without us, there will be no world.
So, in life, when everything is not going the way you want, have hope and remember that you have a part to play in the running of the world as long as you live.

I don't believe in having a stagnant position in life. When we were born, we didn't remain in a position, but we grew daily to handle more matured undertakings.

Have hope, the life of men is sweet and beautiful.

In God's love,
©Okunola Peace.