My eyes are full of tears,
As I watch the day go dark
From my shady spot in life stark
That I have come to love and fear.

I wish for a world of liberty
Where my smile shines bright
And I can let go of my worries
While singing the song of my heart.

I want to be a bird of light
That soars freely in the sky
Where death and disasters of life
Cannot reach and mar its joyful flight.

I have promised and failed
To fulfill my heartfelt vow.
And I wish my heart fortified
Against an unending sorrow.

I wish my mistakes help my heart,
And mind to make better choices
As I walk the lands on earth,
That are lonely and full of peril.

I wish my dreams will come true
As the day awakes with a bright hue
And rekindle the fire of hope within
That has deaden in time forgotten.

©Okunola Peace