Mourn me not o city of light,
For I have vanquish darkness unseen
That have diminished your might,
And the strength at your peak.

The spirit have heard my prayers,
And the request of a dying warrior,
Please tell my fiery daughters,
To always uphold the family honor.

In the beginning, I had a son;
Noble and wise, courageous and valiant,
Who killed Kings and tyrants
That brought dishonor to the nation.

Alao was a son of many skills
That brought cities to their knees,
But when the gong of death chimes,
He fell gloriously in battle on his feet.

O eye that sees all, tell the world my story,
Burn my body and scatt'r my ashes in the sea
That I may be remembered on earth,
As a hero and find peace in death.

©Okunola Peace