A child was born in my vicinity,
Filling the world with his tears.
And voice, dandy and lovely to hear
By mortals who finds peace in life sweet.

Seven days later, we all gathered greatly
To give the young-ling lovely names.
That will bring abundance and fame,
And be a beginning of a long journey.

The sun has set, but the day was bright,
Brighter still with an alluring light
And there in the midst of strangers,
Did I meet two old friends and brothers.

They were older, more matured than before
With handsome faces and shiny hairs.
Aye! They have not lost their allure,
Or the sweet voice that swoon maidens fair.

The gathering was sweet, sweeter still,
With familiar faces that bring memories.
Of days and moments I've long forgotten,
And the joy found in those past seasons.

We shared stories of mirth and laughter,
And of moments spent in sorrow and anger.
And when the day starts to swiftly pass by,
We bade ourselves farewell and goodbye.

©Okunola Peace