I am a man walking on the earth surface 
And having seen the cruelty of my kinds, 
My silence and unrelenting vigilance 
Have been my shield and guide. 

I am always waiting and watching 
The world on which I learn to read 
The language of all men and write 
down the turmoil raging in my mind. 

It was a jolt of the sweet bitter truth 
That no man is perfect in all things 
For the attack came like blue lighting 
Striking suddenly in a cloudy night. 

My mind was elsewhere, laughing in mirth, 
Uncaring as time slowly pass me by
In the middle of handwork, sweet and mild 
And then I realize the wrong done to me. 

O! Light of the sun, O! Stars of night, 
Are you going to silently watch me as I die 
In the arms of the world I made my dwelling? 
For I am weak and dying from treachery. 

The evening's knife has carved away the light
And fatigue will soon lull the body to sleep 
So, while I still draw breath and breathe, 
I will be patient and hope for the best in life. 

©Okunola Peace.