Stare at me with your eyes, full of mischief;
Humble my soul, with words from your red lips;
Red like ripe pepper and sweet like sugarcane;
So that my tender love for you may never wane.

As a desert-walker craves the taste of water,
So can my thirst for you never be satisfied.
For I want you, O fair maiden, as a lonely child
Wants the care and affection of a distant mother.

Leave not, stay and be my holy fountain,
For when water flows, the rocks shall remain.
O' be seen, O be seen, light of my life,
Like crystal dew that drops from the sky..

Cover me, as sand covers the earth,
Bless my world, with your soothing breath;
The rare treasure, that fills my heart;
The lovely horse, that draws my well-made cart.

©Okunola Peace