You gave me the forbidden apple to eat,
And dangle the pleasure of flesh 'fore me.
Like a puppy before a kind master,
Who gives much and ask little in return.
I was once in thrall of your beauty,
But the charm of deceit has broken.
And the resentful tide of time turns,
Fueling the truth of my vengeful words.
Aphrodite! Listen from your lofty height,
And know that my eyes have seen the truth,
That your fingers of light shrouds in darkness.
Aye! I have seen the truth of that cloudy night,
That you jealously hid from me.
And let it be known by all immortal beings;
That if I do not lose myself to misery,
I will raise armies from the dust,
And fashion weapons from the bones of the dead,
So that I might one day fight,
And o'er-run her hallow halls like a flood,
That has no boundary or leash,
For you left my heart in pieces,
That cannot be forever fitted.
After you murder her in cold blood;
Killing the light in her blue eyes,
And the warmth that gives her life.

©Okunola Peace