Be my strength, O pillars of heaven blue,
For when the body fails, the spirit fails too
And when my spirit soars away to land unknown,
Let my tales and adventures not go untold.

In all my wandering days, full of plight
When unseen hope wanes with the dimming light
And despair threatens my fervent belief,
And desires, I strongly hope, stronger still.

Many moments of doubt has pass me by
Like echoes of unrest lost in the wind
As Shame and hopelessness plague my mind
At every waking hour of the day and night.

And one day, I beg the divine maker
To strengthen me that I may not falter
And shine his e'er golden light on my life
That I may bloom like a man In his prime.

Once upon a time, there was strife,
But it exists in my life no more.
Once, there was dark days and nights,
But, it is now a past that exists no more.

©Okunola Peace