You scrape-off lies from africa 's sanyan!
O titubi, your name shall last, Ase!
Your name shall sleep in the stream of esinmirin,
For you have a heart as stout as an iroko tree.

You are the shadow of moremi,
Whose womb gave birth to oluorogbo;
Aye! You are the thousand nuts
Where our thousand kernels nestle in.

You gleam like the half-sun of a new day,
And the blue seven stars of a moonless night
That shimmers so brightly with a compelling ray
In the glaring of a mortal's ebony eye.

You lay calming words, with oduduwa's fable
In the heart of men, both strong and weak
Like well-laid eggs on olokunsu's cradle,
Sorrounded by voices and whirl of feet.

You feed on the sweetest meat and fish,
For the river is never so deep,
And the night is not so dark and dim,
That you are blinded to see.

And when we made sacrifices upon sacrifices
Till the earth is flooded with blood of sheeps,
And the priests become tired and thirsty,
Singing incantations that yielded nothing.

You never feared death, in his glory,
Living in the heart of all races,
But you fill our tongue with sweet-honey,
And become the clay that remould our race.

©Okunola Peace