The sun that sits on the throne of the sky
Finds shelter in slumber's peaceful way
As darkness suddenly betrays the light
That gives hope to the dying day.

The cool breeze of twilight comes,
Whispering lovely tunes and sweet lullabies
As crystal dew of heaven softly sleep
On mounds of clay and clustered leaves.

The sky is black like a raven's wings.
And the night mourns the departed light,
Even as the moon, murky like a cow's milk
Refuses to cry at the sun's early demise.

The bodies of men emptily lay
As their spirit walks the dreamy way,
Even as darkness opens his eyelids
And nature halts and refuses to sing.

The heart-wishes of men will surge
As the stars begin to emerge
In numbers, as sisters of light,
Guiding sun's throne with their might.

The streets are empty and when lanterns are lit,
The lovers beside the flowing spring,
Will whisper sweet words of their undying love
As spirits witness from below and above.

The creatures of night awaken.
As the day departs from the world forsaken,
Even as the creatures of light slumber
Within the embrace of nature's shelter.

©Okunola Peace.